Are Ad Blockers Safe? If Yes How To Find A Good One?

    It is frightening how much information web corporations collect daily about their consumers. Utilizing an ad blocker is indeed a great method to avoid annoying advertisements and safeguard your privacy.

    Yes, Ad Blockers are safe to use. They are very beneficial for avoiding ads and unwanted data to be downloaded from the website. Many great Ad Blockers are available on the internet, and some of them will be provided here.

    This article will explain how an Ad Blocker functions. Furthermore, the advantages of using an Ad Blocker will be discussed. Lastly, some of the best Ad Blockers will be suggested.  

    What Is An Ad Blocker?

    An application that filters internet adverts is an ad blocker. Ad Blockers may appear to be a modern development, yet they have existed since the initial periods of internet advertising in the 1990s. 

    In 2020, the internet advertising market will be worth around 360 billion dollars. Online advertising enables businesses to access a larger audience and assess the efficacy of their advertising initiatives with greater ease. It is also reasonably priced.

    But being inundated with advertisements can rapidly become irritating. Some organizations employ tracking technologies, such as third-party trackers, to track your online activities and serve you with targeted advertisements. 

    This is done not just because they interfere with your browsing experience. While targeted advertisements have their benefits, monitoring consumers throughout the era of big data presents fundamental privacy concerns.

    Ad Blockers have got increasingly sophisticated over time. Currently, ad blockers are compatible with a variety of platforms, including desktops, laptops, tablets, or smartphones; the majority of ad blockers are accessible as apps and browser extensions. 

    You may also white list particular websites and temporarily disable ad blocking.

    Why Is An Ad Blocking Software Required?

    It is not unexpected that millions of individuals utilize ad blockers. Being constantly bombarded with advertisements might be unpleasant. And advertising’s aggressive strategies to collect information about us frequently breach our privacy.

    The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Ad Blockers

    Ad Blockers block/allow Javascript code from running in your browser; Javascript presents itself as an ad or other interactive element to a web page. These filter rules are either restrictive or permissive. However, the majority of ad blockers permit you to whitelist websites, i.e., those you wish to support or those with less intrusive advertising.

    In rare instances, ad-blocking software might disrupt genuine websites. Therefore, you may have to unblock them to gain access or allow full functionality. 

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    For instance, my bank’s website will not load properly if my ad blocker is enabled, thus I have whitelisted it. I’ve also discovered that Google Drive or Google Docs would not load if the ad blocker is enabled, so I’ve added them to my whitelist.

    Ad Blockers are advantageous for a variety of reasons. They include:

    • Removing annoying advertisements, making pages simpler to read. Accelerate page load times.
    • Preventing advertising from tracking your online activities
    • Decreasing speed, especially crucial for mobile devices
    • Reducing battery consumption, which is very crucial for mobile devices
    • There are several firms that “advertise” bogus news in order to attract readers.
    • Protect against malware, adware, and other malicious pop-ups

    Trackers And Ad Blocking Software

    Trackers are a similar element used on websites, and many ad blockers protect you from them as well. 

    To tailor what you see on websites, trackers convey information about your activity, the sort of computer or mobile device you’re using, and more to firms, including website producers, analytics, or advertising companies. 

    This may modify the layout of a website, but it may also be used it to send you advertisements based on, for example, the last website you visited. They hinder your Internet browsing speed and compromise your privacy.

    How Ad Blockers Function?

    Ad Blockers are simple programs. It often connects with your internet browser and blocks certain materials using a set of filters. Every filter that is used is simply a Javascript text string that applies the function in the browser code.

    These filters check the components of websites based on their URLs and instruct the browser not to load those that fit their criteria. 

    Setting them up normally would be difficult for the majority of users, therefore ad blockers contain hundreds of thousands of these rules and keep them current when new ad methods emerge.

    Most ad blockers provide a variety of categories that may be activated or deactivated, so you have control over the level of blocking.

    Some Of The Best Ad Blockers

    Following are some of the best Ad Blockers available on the Internet:

    1. AdBlocker Premium

    AdBlocker Ultimate is proud of its ability to block all advertisements. It offers comprehensive protection against all advertisements, including display advertising, pop-up ads, and video commercials. You may create a whitelist of websites.

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    In addition to protecting you from viruses, AdBlocker Ultimate blocks sites with harmful domains. AdBlocker Ultimate is available as an extension for Chrome Browser, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or Opera web browsers. There are also Android, Microsoft Windows, and iOS apps available.

    AdBlocker Ultimate enables you to avoid advertisements on every device. This tool’s free version performs a great job of blocking intrusive advertisements. 

    2. AdBlock

    Including over 65 million users, AdBlock is perhaps the most famous ad blocker. It is among the top ad blockers. AdBlock protects you from unwanted web adverts, including YouTube commercials.

    You may modify it according to your preferences by adding or deleting filters. For instance, it automatically prohibits pop-ups and pop-unders, but you may adjust the settings to allow non-ad pop-ups and pop-unders.

    You can whitelist specific websites and YouTube channels for allowing advertisements. You may so help your favorite content producers who rely on advertising money.

    The free plan of AdBlock effectively blocks advertisements. If you commit to AdBlock Premium, however, you may tweak the extension’s functions. To have access to the Adblock application for Mac, you must purchase the Gold Upgrade.

    AdBlock VPN is equipped with 256-bit AES encryption as well as unlimited bandwidth. Additionally, the firm has a no-logs rule.

    3. Total AdBlock

    Total Adblock helps eliminate annoying pop-ups and banners. Also disables audio and video advertisements. Total Adblock safeguards your privacy by preventing third-party trackers from monitoring your online activities. 

    By removing advertisements or trackers, Total Adblock speeds up your browser. According to the business, it may accelerate website loading times by 57% and cut data use by 36%.

    Total Adblock permits whitelisting of specified websites. This ad blocker seems to be available for Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera. It is also accessible as an iOS and Android application.

    The Total Adblock smartphone app contains filters that may be toggled on and off. In addition, you may white list specific websites in the Total Adblock Acceptable Ads area. Simply input the website’s address to deactivate ad blocking.

    Total Adblock is indeed a subscription service, however, a seven-day trial version is available so that you may evaluate it. 

    4. Ad Block Plus

    Adblock Plus has become a popular browser plugin that has been downloaded over 100 million times. This open-source, free application disables all sorts of advertisements, including posters, pop-ups, and video adverts. It also prevents trackers and malicious advertising. 

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    You can modify the tool to suit your individual interests. Adblock Plus enables certain advertisements without a third-party tracker to pass past its filter by default. 

    This is a component of its Acceptable Ads effort, which allows websites to generate revenue. Acceptable Ads, as defined by Adblock Plus, “comply with That do Not Track and/or are supplied by a website controlled by the same firm.”

    If they match the standards and pay a charge, businesses can have their websites included in Adblock Plus’ list of Acceptable Ads. Adblock Plus is available at no cost, and the firm claims that its Acceptable Ads campaign is its major revenue source. 

    This paradoxically means that this gadget, which is intended to stop advertisements, generates money through advertisements.

    Adblock Plus enables users to block all advertisements, even those whitelisted through its Acceptable Ads program.

    The Adblock Plus browser plugin is available for Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, and others. Additionally, it is interoperable with both the Samsung browser plus Safari on iOS devices from Apple.

    Adblock Plus’s claim to be the greatest ad blocker is supported by the fact that it comes with its own browsers available on Android and Apple devices and an app that integrates with the Samsung Web Browser and Safari on iOS.

    5. Ghostery

    Ghostery is a suite of privacy tools that includes an advertisement blocker. Ghostery’s ad and tracker blocker is equipped using artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, so it is continually learning and analyzing trends to detect deceptive advertising practices.

    It asserts that it has the biggest database of trackers, with over 2000 entries. On the company’s website, customers may submit trackers that its technology may have overlooked or incorrectly recognized.

    Ghostery prevents trackers and other advertisements, such as pop-ups. It discloses the active tracking cookies on a website and enables you to disable them. This renders “personalized” advertisements obsolete.


    It can be conclusively said that Ad Blockers are safe to use and have many features to offer. Furthermore, some of the best Ad Blockers available on the internet have been provided as above. It is also important to note that you may not need an ad blocker on a safe website; which is sometimes required to be disabled for full functionality.

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