Are QR code Generators Safe?

It is not uncommon to find QR codes on advertisements, travel tickets, and social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Snapchat. Even in restaurants, they are gradually phasing out the need for menus. So, with technology as widespread as this, questions like “what is the safest QR code generator?”.

People have also expressed fears about their privacy details being hijacked through QR codes. Others have asked, “Can I trust a QR code generator?” Well, find out about the risks involved in using links generated by QR codes from untrusted sources. 

This post also provides you with a list of the best QR code generators and how to stay safe while using one.

How Are QR Codes Used?

QR code which stands for Quick Response is two-dimensional on steroids. Essentially not require the internet, the QR code holds 100 times more information than a barcode. However, if the QR code is a URL QR code, you will require the internet to open the URL.

By using a cell phone and a QR code reader app, scanning a QR code may produce a name and address. Other data similar to this are web address, phone number, and a pre-filled text message. Due to the design outlook of a QR code, people often ask questions like “Can 2 QR codes be the same?

Another way of phrasing this would be to ask “Are QR code patterns the same for identical data? The interesting thing is even if two QR codes store identical data, they may or may not have the same pattern. This is because the QR pattern generated depends on the QR code generator used.

Can QR codes be hacked?

As surprising as this may sound, QR codes cannot be hacked. However, it should scare you more to note that attackers can replace one QR code with another. Alternatively, what hackers do is create a QR code that will redirect you to malicious content. Since QR codes are readable by any smartphone with a camera, it only takes visual scanning to trigger an exploit.

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In other words, they simply create a doorway for rogue entry in your phone, especially if the data scanned is malicious. There are two kinds of QR codes that users may regard when generating QR codes. They are static and dynamic QR codes.

On the other hand, dynamic QR codes allow users generate and edit their contents, without having to generate new ones. Sounds interesting right? Well, you should be aware this type of QR code pose a big threat to users. You could, however, confer some safety by using QR code generators that require an account login. This way, only users only legitimate user has access to alter the data inside the dynamic QR code. 

What Security Risks do QR Codes Pose?


This is the common means cybercriminals use to retrieve sensitive data. QRising is a common term used in describing QR code phishing. This has caused QR code security vulnerabilities and has made users expose sensitive information about themselves. 

So, knowing what risks phishing poses, you may ask “How can QR codes be used for phishing?” Phishing works by embedding a login site in your landing page and compelling you to enter details like your bank data.

Malicious content distribution 

QR codes bring a different stress-free side to your business. In the hands of malicious attackers, the case is however different. You may run into a problem when someone scans an unidentified QR code and downloads an app containing malware. 

Malicious directory sites

This is a common way QR codes are used to scam people for the services or utilities they use. This method is very widespread in China due to the vast use of QR codes in the region. This is causing more users to experience information breaches.

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More gloomily, this risk also disguises as ad web pages prompting you to claim your prize by scanning a QR code.

How Do I Tell if a QR Code Generator is Safe?

This is how to know if a QR code generator is safe:

Check for an SSL certificate

The Certificate Authority Security Council(CASC) encourages the use of SSL certificates in operating a domain. This is because of the nature of information QR code generators often require you to enter. This information includes email, passwords, and banking details.

Use domain checkers to assess the domain

Skeptical about the QR code generator’s performance on the internet? You can simply assess its ranking and domain authority through the use of domain checkers. This way, you are sure the QR code generator you’re using is not an obscure one. 

Check domain interface

This is another way of checking the security of a QR code generator. All you have to do is observe the website layout or interface. A secure QR code generator runs a user-friendly interface with zero obscurity. 

What Are the Best QR Code Generator Apps to Use?

Having talked about how to identify a genuine QR code generator,  let’s consider some QR code generators you can try. There are plenty of QR code generators littered in various app stores. 

However, finding a secure one should matter to you if you want to keep your sensitive data safe from cybercriminals. 

  • QR-Code Monkey: QR-code monkey is one of the best QR-code generators you can find. It is not only free, it doubles its unique features with the ability to generate QR codes without expiration time. It lets you create high-resolution QR codes and also incorporates diverse design options.
  • Visualead: Visualead is one of the top leading QR code makers when it comes to its innovative designs. It easily outpaces its competitors by its options that allow you to explore various solutions. They are grouped as URL, business, personal, and utility. Not only does it generate secure QR codes, but you can also scan them up to 500 times.
  • Go QR: Popular for its commercial utility, Go QR allows you to create a custom QR code with options of monochrome or colored. Incorporating tight security features, the generated QR can be embedded directly in your website. It also provides a QR server tool that allows you to get features like detailed statistics as well as user location. 
  • Code Two: Featuring a desktop version, Code Two is one of the best QR code generators to use in terms of reliability. It not only allows you to generate codes, but you can also scan QR codes from websites, emails, and documents. 
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When you’re looking for an ideal QR code generator one factor you must consider is the security features of the QR code. Ask questions like “Does the QR code have privacy protection?” This is because, with the growing popularity of technology, cybercriminals now use QR codes for phishing and other attacks.

Not sure of the right QR code generator to use? You can try one from the list provided in this post.

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