Can Accepting A Friend Request On Discord Get You Hacked?

    Discord is the best thing ever to happen to easy communication systems. It is a flexible platform with text, audio, and video chat capabilities, as well as Discord servers that allow you to meet new people and participate in online communities.

    Yes, it is true that accepting a friend request on discord can get you hacked. If it is some hacker whose friend request you have accepted, then there are chances of him hacking your discord account.

    This article will explain how can accepting a friend request on discord get you hacked. Furthermore, the ways and methods of preventing it will also be discussed in detail. 

    Is Discord Safe For Accepting Friend Requests? 

    Discord is an immensely user-friendly public chat application, yet its accessibility makes it a perfect target for cyber criminals and scammers. The most prevalent sort of fraud on Discord is phishing, in which someone attempts to acquire access to your Discord account.

    If you want to be as secure as you can on Discord, you should arrange your safety settings such that you do not accept friend requests from anybody and avoid joining open servers.

    People often use Discord under an alias instead of their real name, and registration takes simply an email address. This makes it simple to use, but also makes it simple for malevolent individuals to establish new accounts as well as cause problems. 

    We’re talking about improper stuff, explicit content, spam, and even cyberattacks to access the accounts of others. The simplicity of joining servers and interacting with other users is perhaps one of Discord’s primary benefits.

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    The platform’s ease of use is among its greatest strengths. On the other hand, it is the worst thing, as it enables rogue individuals to join servers. Discord networks are privately maintained, with limited control from Discord; moderators are responsible for monitoring the servers.

    You may encounter a range of people that upload various types of information to public servers. This provides server members with a great deal of flexibility to utilize this social networking site for good or evil. 

    Only moderators can regulate this, regardless of whether users wish to offer useful instructional or objectionable stuff. In addition, even moderators cannot do much if you approve an invite from someone who intends to damage other people.

    This implies that Discord and anybody who gains access to its systems can observe your communications with other users. Other social media communication systems, such as Telegram and Signal, are far safer in this sense.

    Is Discord Dangerous?

    While the likelihood of someone exploiting the absence of end-to-end protection is low, you would be shocked at how many people lurk on personal servers and send direct messages to other users. 

    Here are some frequent risks associated with using Discord as your social networking platform of choice:-

    Your Game Account Being Stolen

    Getting your gaming account stolen is perhaps the most prevalent fraud, and it affects users who are part of a private server or one of Discord’s public servers that build a video game community.

    Someone contacts you through private chat, stating that you must log into your Steam,, Ubisoft, or another account via a URL they provide you.

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    Typically, they will entice you to sign in with a freebie or the promise of more in-game goodies anything it takes to get you to enter your credentials. The login screen mimics that of the gaming client, but it is essentially a phishing scheme aimed to steal your information.

    The easiest method to protect yourself from this is to never click on links in direct messages, particularly from individuals or video gamers you do not know directly. If you accidentally or purposely click on a link, you should never enter your login credentials.

    Your Discord Account Being Used To Send Spam

    The second popular sort of fraud may occur in one of two ways: either you are requested to log into your Discord account or even a webpage requests integration with the account and posting capabilities. 

    Regardless, the purpose of the scammer is to acquire access to the Discord account. Once this occurs, your account is compromised. It will be used to publish spam messages on as many sites as possible, regardless of whether they are public or private. 

    Even joining and spamming voice channels and sending junk in private messages is possible.

    Again, the best method to protect yourself from this is to just use the app and the online site to access your Discord account. In addition, you should activate two-factor authentication to prevent unwanted access.

    Your Personal Information Being Stolen

    While the other two would simply expose your Discord and/or game accounts, the same sort of fraud may also compromise your private information. 

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    The giveaway scam, in which you’re requested to provide your personal details, contact information, and mailing address, is pretty popular.

    Caution: there is no free reward, and your private details can now be put to a number of purposes, among which are undesirable and even illegal. If the “reward” is monetary, the con artist may request payment information, putting your debit and credit cards in danger.

    How To Stay Secure On Discord With Friend Requests?

    Using good judgment and modifying your account options are the most effective strategies to ensure your safety in such famous social networking applications available. 

    Your initial stop should be the security and privacy options in your user settings. If you wish to go with the grain of safety, set Discord’s messaging settings to “keep me safe.” This will analyze any direct messages you get in the Discord app for sexual/suspected malicious content and remove them.

    Because you don’t want just anybody to be capable of sending you a friend request, you should also restrict friend requests to network members and acquaintances of friends. This also provides substantial protection against spam and phishing efforts.


    It can be conclusively said that accepting a friend request on discord can get you hacked. This can be done through one of the many methods discussed above. It is important to review your security/privacy settings in your account to better protect you and your information.

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