Can Someone Get Your IP Address Through Roblox?

    Roblox is now on the upswing. This online service is popular among users who like to play games created by a variety of developers. Therefore, users frequently desire to make friendly contact with people and avoid aggressive interactions.

    Yes, someone can get your IP address through using Roblox. However, Roblox is not solely used for this purpose. Nonetheless, by using an IP Grabbing software this can be made possible.

    This article will explain how someone can get your IP address through using Roblox. Furthermore, the modes of prevention will also be discussed in detail. 

    What Is Roblox?

    Roblox is a platform available which does not reveal the IP addresses of its players. You can still determine someone’s IP address if you follow the proper steps. In this instance, their IP address may be useful to a cyber criminal.

    Roblox has gained considerable popularity during last year’s Coronavirus epidemic. It is a gaming network on which users may build and play their own games, as well as those created by others.

    This platform was designed for gamers to have fun and interact with one another. However, some malicious users do not utilize Roblox as intended. You may encounter such individuals if you use this platform.

    In this situation, you would wish to keep them much further away from you as possible. Although if you have banned them, they might create a new account and continue to harass you.

    You are able to blacklist their IP address. Nevertheless, Roblox will not reveal the IP addresses of its users. You would be required to independently find it. No one will knowingly reveal their IP address.

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    In fact, some individuals are unaware of its nature. Therefore, you must independently obtain the IP address without the other party’s knowledge.

    Also with IP addresses, one may also determine the precise location of a Roblox user you encountered. Simply enter the IP address along a website that verifies IP to determine the user’s actual location.

    How To Determine Someone’s IP Address With Roblox?

    On Roblox, you may discover a user’s IP address through a variety of means. It relies on your abilities and your willingness to investigate more. If you utilize a server with matches played by other people, you can often add IP snatchers to the game’s source code.

    This allows you to determine the user’s IP address without their knowledge. However, you must have strong networking and security skills to pull this off. 

    In the event that you don’t know it, you may alternatively utilize a pre-existing IP grabber, such as Grabify. Listed below are some techniques for discovering an IP address of such a Roblox user:

    1. Utilize IP Grabber

    This is among the easiest examples for discovering an IP address of such a person, as it requires no work on your behalf.

    This approach requires the user to visit the URL generated by the IP grabber. If the person does not comply, you are unable to obtain their IP address. This happens because this method operates independently of the Roblox service.

    There are various IP loggers and grabbers available. Among them, the Grabify IP Tracker is one of the finest. It is free, and you may use it immediately without registering an account.

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    2. Utilize Grabify

    Here are the instructions for configuring Grabify:

    • You must first collect the URL of a certain web resource that the consumer desires.
    • This URL will entice the individual to click on it, allowing you to obtain their IP address.
    • Now, navigate to the Grabify webpage and enter the URL into the form.
    • Then, you must select the ‘Create URL’ option for Grabify to generate a track identifier with a shorter URL.
    • This track number will let you determine the user’s IP address, and the URL will direct the player towards the web material you specified in the first stage.
    • Now, return to the Roblox website and paste this Grabify-created shortened URL where users may click on it.
    • Avoid using the URL itself.

    When a person visits a URL, Grabify may obtain their IP address. The user will then be sent to the URL you specified so that they can view. To determine their IP address, simply must revisit Grabify and enter the track code that was obtained before.

    Then, the URL queries will be compacted. You may view the geolocation, IP address, system software, and user agent associated with each request.

    3. Include An IP Catcher In Your Code

    As a Roblox game developer, you may code your game such that you can determine the IP address of each user who connects to your game server as well as plays the game.

    This requires knowledge of coding, namely JavaScript. Ensure that you are really crafty so that Roblox cannot catch you.

    If Roblox discovers that you are attempting to determine someone’s IP address, it will prevent you from utilizing its services. It is preferable to erase the code immediately after obtaining an IP address of the targeted user.

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    Is It Unlawful To Locate Or Track An IP Address?

    No, this is not unlawful to look up an individual’s IP address. These addresses are public information. Therefore, it can be usually accessed with ease.

    Each request for a website from a device transmits its IP address towards the internet. However, Roblox does not permit this and will prohibit you if you are detected.

    What Does a Public IP Address Tell You?

    With a user’s IP address, you may determine their actual location and ban them. By banning their IP address, one may prevent them from making a new account, something they would normally do if you simply blocked their access to the game server. Not only can the user get banned, but a malicious user can perform vulnerability, port, or other recon scans against that IP address.

    With the victim’s public IP, an attacker has a LOT of options to attack, harass, or expose your devices for exploitation.


    Now you know how to obtain a Roblox user’s IP address. Even though the Roblox portal does not provide this information, you may obtain it by utilizing a pre-existing IP grabber or by adding the software for an IP grabber on your server.

    You may also protect yourself from IP address monitoring on Roblox by utilizing a VPN or proxy services available. As always, the information in this article is purely educational; do not perform unauthorized actions on a victim or their devices and networks.

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