WhatsApp, a famous messaging application owned by Meta, has recently implemented a new feature that allows users to unsend texts within an hour. Individual and group chats allow users to remove messages, and the capability is accessible on Android, iOS, or Windows. 

Yes, someone can see your deleted messages on WhatsApp as well. If you try to delete a message after waiting for a longer time, then it will not be removed even if you delete the messages at your end.

This article will elaborate on whether someone can see your deleted messages on WhatsApp or not. Furthermore, the methods of prevention, as well as ways of seeing these messages, will also be discussed. 

Deleted Messages Feature

The WhatsApp “delete forever” capability has limitations, such as receivers learning that you just deleted a message since “This message was deleted” is shown instead. This difficulty raises the issue, “How can I view deleted WhatsApp messages?”

If you have made a spelling error or sent the message inadvertently, this tool is undoubtedly useful for retrieving the message. Nonetheless, if you wish to view deleted WhatsApp chats, there are a few solutions available. 

WhatsApp is a famous messaging application used by nearly all smartphone owners. The messaging app controlled by Facebook has more than 1.5 billion active users each month worldwide.

How To Read WhatsApp Deleted Messages On Android?

To see deleted WhatsApp conversations on your Android device, you can utilize one of the following options. There are around two or three prominent ways to recover these messages. This is how:

1. Read Deleted WhatsApp Chat Messages With Chat Backup

If you mistakenly erased a chat that you wish to restore, you may do it with the aid of WhatsApp Chat backups, which occur every night by default at 2:00 a.m. 

You may alter the backup frequency to daily, monthly, or fortnightly. However, daily is the suggested backup frequency, as you can recover conversations prior to the next backup beginning at 2 am.

If you’re using an Android smartphone, delete WhatsApp and reinstall it from the Google Play Store. In the following step, agree to the terms and conditions then input your mobile phone number as well as the country code.

There will be an ability to restore conversations from a backup. When you select the restore option, your WhatsApp conversations will be recovered.

2. View Deleted Communications Using Third-Party Applications

To view deleted WhatsApp messages, third-party applications can be used. There are several tools in the Google Play Store which enable you to restore WhatsApp messages that you or the originator have erased. 

These applications preserve track of your notifications in the Android system’s notification register. Downloading third-party programs from the Google Play Store allows you to see deleted WhatsApp communications.

3. Read Messages Through Notification Log

The Notification History application may be downloaded from the Google Play Store. After installation, launch the application and look for the WhatsApp icon to view the messages.

The second method involves manually entering the notification log. Long-press the home screen to access the widgets menu. Scroll until the settings widget is located. Add the item to your home screen. 

Select Notification log from the options shown in the new menu that appears. This setting widget will now link you straight to your alert history. After opening the notification log, you may view all of your notifications there. 

Notably, the opening notice will indeed load all of the notification’s specific data, not simply the text. For phones running “pure” Android, such as Moto and Pixel, the options widget is already placed on the home screen, and the notification registry may be accessed from there. 

These solutions reportedly need Android 6 (Marshmallow) and later.

iOS Instructions For Reading Deleted WhatsApp Messages

Unfortunately, there are no third-party apps for iOS that allow you to access deleted WhatsApp messages. However, there is a solution that involves alerts.

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Notifications about recently erased messages remain in the notification center. You may read a message’s content by swiping down the notifications tray and long-pressing it. 

However, use extreme caution while touching it, since upon opening it will quickly cancel the notice. This strategy is highly conditional, therefore keep a watch on the alerts before initiating conversations with users that frequently erase messages. 

WhatsApp is a feature-rich program to which new features are frequently introduced. One of its fundamental characteristics is the capacity to delete all private and group communications simultaneously.

It is simple to delete all messages in one go, without having to pick them individually. Nevertheless, you may have erased some critical communications by accident and wish to retrieve them. 

Today, there is a number of options for users of Android and iOS to recover lost WhatsApp messages. The most current backup will be used to recover WhatsApp messages. It should be remembered that emails received after your previous backup will be lost.

New Update Regarding WhatsApp Message Deletion

WhatsApp revealed the update to the option to erase transmitted messages on its Twitter account. Users will now be given two days to determine whether to unsend a text inside a private or group chat.

WhatsApp users will also have precisely two days and twelve hours to remove a message following sending it. Previously, this restriction was exactly one hour, and eight minutes, including sixteen seconds. 

To erase a sent WhatsApp message, you need to tap and stay on it for just a few moments, then tap the “Delete” option. Interestingly, although WhatsApp is extending the amount of time people have to erase a text, Apple is reducing this period with iMessage. 

In the initial beta releases of iOS 16, individuals have 15 minutes to recall a sent message. With the most recent betas, this time restriction has been lowered to two minutes. 

Some users fear that the ability to modify and unsend texts can be exploited for malevolent reasons, which has generated much controversy surrounding this function. Consequently, Apple added a revision history for changed texts in iMessage. 

Telegram, a popular alternative to WhatsApp and iMessage, allows users to freely modify and delete communications. In 2017, WhatsApp debuted the unsend function with a seven-minute time restriction, which was later raised to one hour plus eight minutes. 

WABetaInfo said a year ago that the firm would explore implementing a seven-day restriction, but with this latest version, it has opted for a somewhat peculiar two and half-day limit.

In contrast, the competitor messaging software Telegram has no time restriction for removing a message, meaning you may delete a chat sent years ago. 

After announcing the unsend capability for iOS 16 now at Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) in early June, Apple dropped the restriction from 15 minutes to two minutes inside the fourth edition of the iOS 16 developer beta released last month.

WhatsApp Delete For Everyone Feature

WhatsApp is the app of choice regardless of whether you’re messaging a buddy or establishing a group chat without your entire family, as practically everyone uses it. 

Due to its success, WhatsApp has added additional capabilities to its platform, including support for multiple devices and, more recently, vanishing messages. WhatsApp added the option to erase transmitted messages before the recipient reads them quite some time ago. 

This might be handy if you made a typing error or sent the message to the incorrect contact. However, this might also have a reverse impact on the recipient, making them more interested than normal to discover the original message. 

While WhatsApp does not technically allow users to read deleted messages, we will present a solution today. We will explain how to access deleted WhatsApp messages from your mobile device.

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It appears that the much anticipated “delete for everyone” function is not a failsafe. The communications can be accessed even after being removed by the sender.

A Spanish technology site has uncovered a means to restore or view WhatsApp communications erased by the other party. It states that if an inbound message triggered a notice on the smartphone, it is retrievable from the Android device’s notification log.

 Unfortunately, this does not function if no notice was issued, i.e. if the chat was open or active whenever the message came and no notification was generated. WhatsApp is among the most popular instant messaging platforms worldwide. 

WhatsApp Splash Screen On Mobile Device In Hand

Note that this solution is only compatible with Android cell phones and not iOS devices. This method will include the use of a third-party application with notification access. 

This isn’t an authorized technique, and the app has no affiliation with WhatsApp. Notification accessibility is also a highly broad and possibly intrusive permission to provide to an app, so please carefully consider your needs before granting this permission.

Reading WhatsApp Deleted Messages

Given that WhatsApp conversations are end-to-end encrypted, it is impossible to retrieve a deleted message. Use an application that keeps records of your WhatsApp alerts as a workaround. 

This is similar to reviewing your notification history in order to determine the deleted message. Even WhatsApp Business as well as other messaging applications such as Instagram and Telegram are supported. 

Multiple factors might lead to the loss of WhatsApp chats. This can occur if a user switches devices or deletes their conversations by accident. 

This might result in the loss of essential information provided in conversations, such as contacts, maps, papers, etc., and any media that has not been preserved and be erased. 

However, there is a technique to recover lost WhatsApp messages that use the chat history kept on your smartphone or Google Drive. 

Instead of storing your conversations on its servers, WhatsApp generates databases in your Google Drive or your device’s internal storage. This has the potential to recover chat history that was accidentally deleted or lost for another cause.

Recover WhatsApp Conversations From Google Drive

First, verify that WhatsApp has already been backing up your chat history to Google Drive. If you are transitioning to a new phone, you must first check in to the Google account. The conversation history may be backed up on a daily, monthly, or recurring basis.

Install WhatsApp and authenticate your phone number to recover your WhatsApp chat history. WhatsApp will urge you to recover your data automatically from Google Drive after sign-in and authentication are complete. 

Click “Restore” to finish this procedure. Once complete, select “Next” to locate your previous chats. In the event that Google Drive lacks your chats, WhatsApp will retrieve them from local storage. However, this will not occur on a fresh device.

Recover WhatsApp Conversation History From A Backup Stored Locally

Download a file manager if you do not already have one. Look for the WhatsApp folder on your device’s internal storage. 

Once within the folder, choose Databases. Here you will discover date-organized backups of your conversation history. Ensure that it has the conversation history of the desired date.

If your WhatsApp data is stored on an SD card, take the most recent item in the Databases directory and paste it into the same-named folder on your device’s internal storage.

Now remove WhatsApp and reinstall it, then log in with your phone number. Tap the ‘Restore’ option to allow WhatsApp to reestablish your conversation history.

With regular auto-backups, one will be able to access WhatsApp messages deleted shortly after deletion. Conversely, weekly auto-backups will help you to restore lost WhatsApp conversations from further back in time, at the risk of missing current chat messages.

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Retrieve Archived WhatsApp Chats

Before we discuss restoring lost WhatsApp messages, it’s possible that you stored a missing chat instead of deleting it. However, what is the difference? Archiving removes the discussion from the list, enabling you to conceal completed chats for the time being. 

You may specific folder a chat at any moment to regain access to it, and archiving a chat does not remove its contents. In contrast, removing a conversation removes its contents, making them inaccessible.

When you store a chat on an iPhone, you may instantly undo the action by shaking the device and selecting Undo. This will restore the archived chat. However, even if you missed this, it is simple to access archived WhatsApp conversations afterward.

Retrieve Lost WhatsApp Messages

Wondering how to restore WhatsApp messages that were deleted after a backup? By deleting and restarting WhatsApp on your smartphone, you may recover your WhatsApp backup.

You will be requested to restore your past messages from the backup file after reinstalling the application. Tap Restore to retrieve everything from your most recent backup. Ensure you perform this action when requested, as you cannot restore the full backup later.

If you have a backup, you may restore lost WhatsApp messages both on Android and iPhone using this approach. Keep in mind, though, that you may only restore backed-up messages during the auto-backup interval you’ve specified.

If you have set the app to store up daily, for instance, you can retrieve any deleted chats well before following daily backup. However, if the program has created a fresh backup since you removed particular messages, they are irretrievably gone.

Retrieve Deleted WhatsApp Media

Hopefully, rebuilding your backup file lets you recover any media that had been erased from your conversations.  Simply launch a file manager app on Android and head to /WhatsApp/Media.

Simply sort through the files until you locate the lost images you need to restore. If the Save onto Camera Roll feature is activated in Settings > Chats on WhatsApp on an iPhone, you ought to have a backup of photographs stored on your device.

Retrieve Old Deleted WhatsApp Messages

Getting deleted WhatsApp messages again after a fresh backup has been completed is marginally more challenging. Your success will rely on the auto-backup frequency you choose.

Note that this method only applies to Android devices, as only this operating system permits access to local backup files. If you are using an iPhone, the only alternative option is to restore a backup created before you deleted the WhatsApp conversations. 

There are third-party applications that claim to be able to restore WhatsApp chats, however, they are expensive and provide no assurances. Whether you utilize these depends on how valuable the missing communications are.


In light of the above-mentioned facts and arguments given, it can be reasonably deduced that even deleted messages on WhatsApp can be seen by the recipient. It can be done in a variety of ways.

The receiver of such WhatsApp messages can utilize third-party applications to see those deleted messages on WhatsApp. It is important to stay updated with the changes made by WhatsApp regarding messages and other communication. 

Nonetheless, the sender of those WhatsApp messages can also adopt a cluster of ways to prevent the messages from being seen by the receiver. This can be done by using the “Delete For Everyone” feature within the prescribed time limit allowed by WhatsApp. 

Recovering lost WhatsApp messages is rather simple. Unfortunately, this is only true if you have already backed up your communications. When you’re an Android user, you should implement the advanced backup plan for this reason.