A mobile number will only allow the typical individual to text or call someone from unblocked numbers. If someone continually finds ways to circumvent a call ban, it may be advisable to change your number, as the harassment can vary from annoying to illegal.

Yes, any person can track your location with the help of your phone number. It is now easier for hackers to gain access to your location through your phone number. This can be done by silently installing an app on your phone that keeps on drawing location information through a GPS sensor. 

This article will provide you with all the details you need to know about how someone can track your location with your phone number. Furthermore, you will be briefed about how to prevent your phone location from being tracked. 

How Is My Mobile Device Tracked?

There are a number of ways through which a mobile device’s location can be tracked by using a phone number. These are given as:-

  1. Traditional Cellular Service

Your Traditional cellular service delivers signals to nearby towers, which then relay the signal to the intended recipient through satellites and additional towers. In order to maintain the service, corporations must keep track of this information. 

Knowing what antennas a phone is near provides a reliable indicator of its position, and many towers within range may be utilized to pinpoint the device’s precise location.

  1. Global Positioning System 

Global Positioning System (GPS) capabilities on modern smartphones also allow for more precise position tracking. Your phone transmits a radio signal to orbiting satellites. It is possible to track the device to be within a few feet using this information.

However, a phone number may be monitored by the service provider and anybody with access to the number’s related data, such as a police agency with something like a warrant.

Can I Prevent My Mobile From Being Monitored?

Removing the battery is the most dependable approach to prevent a smartphone from broadcasting signals. If you turn off your phone without removing the battery, you are still susceptible to sophisticated assaults developed by the NSA and other organizations.

The spyware makes your phone seem to be turned off, but it continues to operate in the background. Still, even this degree of care may not be sufficient.

You may minimize monitoring in a less intrusive manner by placing your smartphone into airplane mode, which disables cellular connectivity, WiFi, and Bluetooth. 

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You may still use programs like the camera and calculator that do not require connectivity. Similar to shutting off the phone, airplane mode may be spoofed to provide an illusion of safety.

Privacy experts and developers are continually exploring more defensive methods, which might be challenging given our propensity for sharing. Apps like Lumen Privacy Monitor allow you greater control over location data transmitted by your mobile device.

Can My Phone Be Tracked When It’s Off?

When you power off or take the battery from your phone, the last connected destination will still be accessible. You may have utilized this function to locate a misplaced phone. When you arrive at your destination and turn off your phone, your position is just as obvious as if it were still on. 

In the most sophisticated surveillance attempts, hackers replace the smartphone’s hardware components with ones that provide them more control.  The compromised gadget might collect data and transfer it sporadically to evade discovery.

 Likewise, if the microprocessor is self-powered, unplugging the battery may not stop it. It may be feasible to locate and remove the changed component, but it is quicker to get a new phone.

Can My Phone Be Tracked When It’s Lost?

Yes, parents, employers, and people typically trace the whereabouts of a lost or stolen phone by its number. They employ phone GPS programs to track digital devices before an incident, and then to track the whereabouts of digital devices in the event of theft or loss. 

In this manner, they attempt to preserve the gadget and its data. Phone tracking software enables users to restore or erase data from a misplaced handset if they cannot locate it.

According to www.find-my-phone.org, however, modern software solutions might be much more secure because they do not save any of your data on their server. This implies no one else can view your data, giving you total control over the whole procedure.

How Does Cell Phone Number Tracking Work In Practice?

When using one of the mobile number monitoring services, you will transmit an incognito text message including a link to the website. The website is unrelated to mobile phone monitoring or espionage in any way. 

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Next, you obtain an IP address of a mobile device of interest. You will obtain email notifications and return emails with an IP address and geographical information.

Is My Smartphone’s Location Trackable Over The Internet?

WiFi and Bluetooth transmissions are superior to the Internet at pinpointing the precise position of a gadget, but the Internet is less effective. An algorithm utilizing the signal intensity relative to or at least three entry points while the source is connected will find the source. 

Again, airplane mode is a strong barrier against this type of monitoring, though not a complete guarantee. The Virtual Private Network (VPN) prevents anybody outside of the local Wi-Fi network from discovering the location of a smartphone by it’s network activity. This doesn’t however hide your device’s location from you cell phone provider. 

That also does not prevent WiFi network managers from recognizing a connected device and using the aforementioned approach to find it. If your gadget transmits location data via the Internet, there is a possibility that it might be intercepted en route.

Can Mobile Applications Monitor My Location?

The most probable way for an individual who shouldn’t be able to monitor their phone’s location to do so is through an application. Every day, the possible number of harmful uses for applications increases.

In general, tracking applications are either authorized by you or installed and utilized without your knowledge. Certain programs will monitor your data/location as part of the feature set. If the application’s infrastructure is hacked, real-time tracking may be possible if you utilize the application. 

The hackers might also gain access to a large quantity of location data detailing your travels over time. The only option to avoid this data gathering is not to provide the requested information or not installing the application.

Stealthy programs can function in the background and provide data whenever the chance arises. The spy does not require a high level of competence to install and utilize one, particularly if they have direct access to the mobile device. 

If you click a link received through text or email, the page may install a tracking program without your knowledge.

Can My Whereabouts Be Tracked Using Smart Gadgets?

Any smart gadget or IoT (internet of things) device that links to other devices and transmits signals might be monitored, much like smartphones. 

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Spyware applications and viruses are much less prevalent on devices with customized versions of the main operating system, yet there are always weaknesses in every electronic device waiting to be identified.

Smart devices are more vulnerable to attacks than phones or computer systems. Security/privacy concerns are too often ignored during the development of these devices. You should exercise the same privacy precautions when using a device as you would on a computer or a smartphone.

How Do You Delete Tracking Applications From A Mobile Device?

A complete factory reset of the device seems to be the next logical technique to remove undesirable programs from a smartphone if a regular uninstall fails. Similar to hand sanitizer, it will eliminate the great majority, but not all, malware. 

Software concealed within the default applications may find a way to endure, and any hardware modifications will be preserved. 

Importing data stored before the reset might reintroduce the vulnerability, particularly when you are re-downloading a program that includes malicious code. Accessing websites and applications with caution is advised if your device is suspected of having malware on it.

Is Phone Number Tracking For Location Legal?

Numerous individuals use phone number tracing for a variety of purposes today. Many, however, dispute if this is lawful or an invasion of privacy, we must emphasize that reputable organizations offering this sort of service possess the required permits. 

However, it is your obligation to track the phone of an individual for whom you have not obtained permission. Moreover, you may endure the repercussions.

This sort of evidence is frequently disregarded in court disputes because the other party did not provide permission to monitor the telephone.


To sum it all up, it can be conclusively said that there are several methods and software available over the Internet that claim to trace the location of a device through such a phone number. 

The application is silently installed on the victim’s phone or the information regarding the location is extracted through a phishing method or random text messages. 

The information provided by the GPS device sensor is relied upon and used by programs and hackers to access your exact phone-based location.