Phone tracking has become a common issue and users are concerned whether their phones can be tracked or are under surveillance by some random person. Sometimes phone monitoring applications are used to guarantee the safety of children. In contrast, other times they may be used maliciously to capture sensitive data, steal financial information, or steal an individual’s identity.

Yes, someone may be able to track your smartphone without your consent or knowledge. With the advances in software development, monitoring devices have become simple.

This article will provide you with all the details you need to know regarding phone tracking, how to detect if your phone is being tracked and the possible suggestions for preventing phone tracking. 

Can My Phone Be Tracked Without My Consent?

Yes, your phone can be tracked without your consent. This can be achieved by installing spyware on the victim’s device, which is the most common phone tracking method. The spy app will then capture your phone’s information in the background, as well as transmit it remotely to the person doing the surveillance.

Unless you sacrifice the user experience or functionality, virtually all gadgets and software will contain surveillance and tracking components. This enables you to closely control and operate an application, service, or device. 

Can A Person Track Your Cell Phone?

Yes, it is possible to monitor your smartphone to keep track of your activity. However, this does not always imply that the attacker may access all connected data. For example, the attacker will be able to observe what websites you visit and with whom you communicate. 

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Potential stalkers can monitor your smartphone using two major methods. Social engineering is one method, which requires little to no technical knowledge. You may give personal details or access to the phone to anyone you recognize or who has earned your confidence.

 Even if you do not wish to be monitored, this individual can use the information to track your location and activities if they so choose. Additionally, stalkers might monitor you by stealing information from your mobile device. 

Obtaining access to your phone, or installing monitoring software or malware, demands a higher level of technical expertise. They could then use this information to steal your address book, access malicious websites, and even monitor your whereabouts. If your smartphone is equipped with a GPS, a stalker might determine its specific location whenever the GPS is active.

How To Determine If Your Phone Is Being Tracked? 

You will likely never know whether your phone is being tracked. Nevertheless, if you are diligent, you can determine if someone is eavesdropping on your phone. The idea is to search for unusual phone characteristics, such as sluggish performance, heavy data use, and poor battery life.

However, these indicators are not proof that your phone is being followed, and you will need an anti-spyware program to determine if someone is in fact following your phone. Without your awareness, hackers may simply track your phone’s location. 

 A few indicators might help you establish if your device is being monitored. These indicators or hints will help you in determining whether your smartphone has been hacked or not. These are given as under:-

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1. Unknown Applications

Keep an eye out for programs you did not install. Malicious software frequently installs additional tools in order to extract data or monitor the device. Therefore, if you see an unfamiliar program on your smartphone, you should consider it a red signal.

2. Excessive Usage Of Background Data

Monitor your device’s background data use. If it is significantly more than what you typically use, it is prudent to determine what is using the most of it. You should ensure that there is no active hotspot enabled on your device. If so, check for the presence of any unapproved devices.

3. Browser History Contradiction

Check the history of your browser for anything you do not recognize. Some bad hackers may attempt to remotely load phishing websites or other dangerous portals.

4. Battery Drain

If you observe a rapid drain on your device’s battery, you should check the background programs and download them to ensure all of that is functioning properly.

5. Unusual Restart / Other Issues

Although this might potentially indicate a technical problem, it is best to have an expert examine it to determine the cause. If there are no hardware concerns, harmful software may be causing your phone to malfunction.

Smartphones and other connected gadgets provide a world of information and comfort at your fingertips. However, they could also create weaknesses that allow hackers and con artists to exploit you.

In rare instances, dishonest third parties can exploit your phone’s inbuilt GPS tracking to monitor your position information. They might sell this information to advertising firms seeking to profit from your personal data.

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Can Use Of Public WiFi Cause Phone Be Tracked?

Your smartphone communicates via a mix of radios and signals. Your smartphone employs one or more cellular network technologies, such as 4G LT and 5G, for voice calls, text messaging, and web browsing.

 Based on the smartphone, there may also include a Bluetooth radio with a short range, a GPS sensor, and one or even more radios for linking to various Wi-Fi networks. Public Wi-Fi networks, such as those found in cafes and airports, are particularly susceptible to hacking.

The unencrypted data transmitted to the wireless network can be readily captured by hacking software, allowing hackers to possibly obtain your location information, banking information, and internet passwords. Additionally, hackers may build their personal Wi-Fi access points in public areas to facilitate this operation.


In light of the above-mentioned facts and circumstances, it can be conclusively said that someone can track your phone without your permission. 

In this regard, you can adopt a few preventive measures to determine that your phone is being tracked and then adopt ways and means to prevent that. This can be done by installing unwanted applications, avoiding connecting to public WiFi, and restricting apps to draw over mobile data even in an idle state.