Can You Get A Virus Using Reddit? How To Prevent It?

    You certainly know Reddit. It is a media website as well as a forum driven by the community of its users. It is composed of pages known as subreddits. Reddit covers every conceivable topic, from kid-friendly to NSFW (not suitable for work) content.

    Yes, you can get a virus using Reddit. However, this may not be a direct process, rather you can get it indirectly by falling prey to a phishing scam or malware embedded in the website link that you intentionally or unintentionally clicked on.

    This article will explain and elaborate on how can you get a virus while using Reddit. Furthermore, the ways and methods of preventing such viruses from using Reddit will be discussed in detail. 

    What Is Reddit And Its Purpose?

    Reddit users visit the website to share their thoughts and information, remark on other users’ contributions, and vote on whether an item is excellent or bad. 

    The subject range is comprehensive, and there is unquestionably a great deal of content suitable for any imaginable user on earth. In addition, some items are dangerous for employees or youngsters.

    Even with a little introduction, you’ve undoubtedly realized that it’s not an appropriate medium for all ages. Popularity determines how the material is presented. 

    If a certain article gets popular with the audience, its chances of being featured on the homepage increase. Texts, photos, videos, hyperlinks, and polls all constitute standard content.

    In addition to using security technologies such as VPNs to ensure a safer Reddit experience, the site itself appears to be friendlier to your anonymity and privacy because it does not need you to provide personal information to maintain an account. 

    You are not required to submit your real name or primary email address. In reality, many Reddit users create anonymous or fraudulent accounts to engage in community activities. 

    Reddit is tolerant of anonymous accounts, which is not so likely followed by other social media platforms such as Facebook.

    Recall that while you may create a Reddit account with bogus information and alternative email addresses, the site gathers accurate geolocation data from its users. 

    This assures that no one else sees the information, but you should still be aware of it. But upon closer inspection, is Reddit a suitable website for privacy? This question will be answered in further discussion.

    Are You Secure While Using Reddit?

    There is no technological response to this in the form of a yes or no. The most truthful statement would be that it depends. If you are concerned about your data stored on Reddit, the answer is that you ought to be primarily safe. 

    First, you are not required to provide Reddit with genuine information about yourself. Secondly, the website’s solid architecture should keep everyone safe from cybercriminals to a reasonable degree.

    However, bear in mind that Reddit is among the most visited websites in the world. It is too popular, and hackers always target prominent websites. This indicates that the website is always under assault.

    Reddit has been the target of several high-profile hacks in the past two years. Reddit exchanges information with ministries and agencies but has never disclosed official statistics about these two assaults. 

    There is no information available on the number of impacted users. Reddit gives its users extensive control over their information. You may choose whether users can look for your identity on the site and if they are able to see it when you upload new content. 

    Your comments on another user’s material can have whatever level of privacy you like. Additionally, it has a private window for communicating with other users. Reddit is a household brand due to its public chats, not its internal “chat” service. 

    The majority of the site’s content precisely consists of these public dialogues. You may share your views, comments, questions, and content. 

    You may receive feedback on your queries, bring a contribution to the platform for just a subreddit, or create your own. Reddit resembles early internet services such as Usenet in this regard.

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    Can A Virus Be Obtained From Reddit?

    This platform can infect you with a virus. However, you may encounter stuff that might compromise your security by delivering you malware or reducing your defenses.

    Even criminals can be Reddit users. And they can publish harmful content. For instance, a link that unknowingly directs users to a phishing website or makes you the target of another fraud.

    Reddit is also rife with technical instructions, so you may discover instructions for installing software on the computer or device. 

    Also, instructions on how to modify your account settings to make it easier for the bad guys to access your account. This is permissible according to Reddit’s guidelines.

    Can You Trust The Content On Reddit?

    Reddit and all of its material should never be trusted if they do not originate from an established and trustworthy website. No, you really shouldn’t trust Reddit without a strong case as an issue of principle. 

    Consider that most of the site’s information is regulated or meant for adults or specialists; if you have adolescent children at home, it is essential to watch their Internet usage. 

    Therefore, news found on Reddit should not be regarded as reliable but rather should be treated with a grain of salt. It is wise to conduct your own research outside of an unvetted forum site like Reddit.

    Realize also that every subreddit has an administrator responsible for managing the content that may be uploaded or published. Therefore, the legitimacy of every given post is contingent on the moderator’s tastes and preferences; there is no objective truth.

    Adding insult to injury, Reddit withholds data from its users. Not from agencies of law enforcement, though. We’ve already noted that Reddit’s past security failures are still classified information.

    Reddit is partial. There is no site-wide bias, but each subreddit handles its content in its own way. There is no way around this, and even less so now that the old Reddit format has been replaced with the subreddit structure.

    Keep in mind that, despite the fact that the site maintains a free platform generally, the prejudice in each subsection is so strong that differing viewpoints are rarely accepted or welcomed. Censorship is a feature of Reddit, unfortunately. 

    Try creating and publishing your own material, so you can appreciate how difficult it is to get something published. New content might be blocked for seemingly simple reasons, such as faulty title structure or a reviewer who dislikes your views.

    Is Reddit Worth The Risk?

    Some people believe Reddit is the new homepage of the internet. Others view it as yet another social networking tool that is not particularly engaging. 

    Reddit’s importance relies on how useful it is to the user. If you locate a subreddit that regularly updates high-quality content on a topic of interest to you, it can serve as your home page. Otherwise, it might be tedious and difficult to navigate.

    If you dislike a post on Reddit, you may report or block it so that it disappears. If you are a father concerned about your child’s safety on Reddit, then consider blocking this webpage on your router or firewall. 

    Although they aren’t blatantly sexual, many subreddits are intended for adults only, which is another reason parents should pay close attention.

    Reddit is not interested in pornography at all. It features an explicit filter that blocks NSFW postings, but no automated system is flawless. 

    The filter will prevent the most apparent information from reaching minors. However, more subtle and offensive messages and products can still reach children and adolescents who should not be exposed to them.

    Moreover, Reddit has no interest whatsoever in kid safety. There are no methods for parents to regulate their children’s experience on this website. 

    The search tool can and will uncover pornographic content, communications from unfamiliar people pose a problem, and unsuitable stuff always manages to get through the cracks. This has always been the case, even with the previous format.

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    Ways To Remain Safe While Using Reddit

    Reddit’s security is weak, as we’ve documented previously. To keep oneself and one’s family secure as Reddit users, you should thus consider using certain best practices.

    Reddit does not require your actual name or age. Therefore, there’s no real reason to provide them. Your personal or professional email address should not be associated with your Reddit account. Use a different one. Use strong passwords as well as password managers. Reddit collects a ridiculous amount of data on their users and hosts many different trackers and ads; using your real information is not recommended to preserve your online identity as much as possible.

    Utilize two-factor authentication wherever possible. You should avoid taking surveys. Do not provide any personal details, not even hints, as there’s no need to tell fellow Reddit users who you work for, where you’ve lived previously, etc. 

    And finally, do not engage in advertisements. You have no idea where they’ll take you as well as how they will utilize your information.

    How Did I Get Reddit Virus?

    Reddit is susceptible to exploitation by a wide variety of viruses. A user may have inquired if it is possible to acquire a virus on Reddit by clicking on a virus-infected link. Despite the remote possibility, the vast majority of Reddit links are entirely safe to access. 

    There are connections that may lead you to download questionable software or other computer dangers whose primary objective is to harm your interests. These might become the following categories of dangers:

    1. Trojan Horses

    Trojans frequently attempt to infiltrate your computer surreptitiously in order to steal data, track keystrokes, capture screenshots, and even activate your camera and microphone. 

    In addition to stealing your credit card and banking information, Trojans also download and execute other software on your computer. The purpose is of trojans is to conceal a piece of malicious code inside a downloadable piece of software that the user is aware of.

    2. Reroute Viruses -.verify this is real

    These forms of viruses, as they are commonly known, are not really viruses. For instance, a standard Amazon Phishing Virus has infiltrated your machine via a fraudulent or hacked program.

    In essence, they are browser-hijacking software that modifies your browser settings in order to ensure that redirects are presented on your computer or mobile device, as one Reddit user reported.

    Similar to other similar viruses, such as the Facebook Virus, this Reddit virus can infect individuals without their knowledge, with often negative results. Therefore, we recommend that you uninstall it from your system.

    Is It Possible To Eliminate A Virus I got from Reddit?

    Viruses from Reddit do not represent a new phenomenon. Since Reddit serves as one of the largest sites for debating any topic, it is frequently targeted by malware developers who infect a computer and mobile users through the platform. 

    Reddit has been a source of a significant number of complaints regarding virus-related incidents. It is advisable to install an antivirus program for your devices.

    In addition, multiple complaints from users were surfacing the interest regarding being sent to bogus phishing Reddit pages in an attempt to steal their credentials from email or sub Reddits.

    How Do I Remove The Virus From My System?

    To be capable of removing the virus infection, you must be aware of its hidden files and objects. The essential aim is to adhere to the removal stages listed below. 

    They are designed to assist you in isolating the infection and detecting and removing dangerous files. 

    Downloading and running a free scan with powerful anti-malware software is strongly advised for thoroughly identifying and eradicating a virus you may have gotten from Reddit. 

    This utility will automatically detect and remove any Reddit Virus-related files and items from your computer and safeguard it in the future.

    Can I Prevent Catching Viruses Or Malware When Visiting A Website?

    Regardless matter the type of software you employ, keep the software versions current. Not only the antivirus, anti-malware, and anti-exploit applications you rely on, but also your web browser, operating system, and the extensions you use. 

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    Exploitation kits exploit vulnerabilities, in turn, vulnerability patches address these flaws. The fewer faults you have, the more secure you will be; therefore, avoid missing any updates.

    Since plugins are a recognized security risk, you should avoid utilizing them unless they are necessary. Alternatively, you should set them to Click-to-Play or Ask-to-Activate, so they don’t run automatically.

    Thus, if an exploit attempts to interfere with one of your plugins, the activity will not go undetected, as the plugin cannot function with permission. Since you are aware that advertisements might be an entry point for malware, you should utilize an ad blocker. 

    Take into account that this protection is limited. Adblockers are ineffective if you visit a website with vulnerabilities integrated into the real web page, not simply the advertising code.

    Since you are aware that scripts might load harmful content automatically, you should also run a script filter. 

    This will safeguard you from both on-page and advertising-related vulnerabilities. However, this is not a sufficient reason to just not to operate an ad blocker independently. Consider experimenting with software white listing. 

    This feature will block executable files from launching if you have not authorized them beforehand. Thus, even if dangerous malware is automatically downloaded, it will be prohibited from executing as long as you have white-listed it previously.

    Precaution is always of the utmost importance. Remember that major websites are increasingly likely to distribute malware due to the large audience of victims. More victims = more chances of a successful cyber attack. 

    Hackers are aware that it is simpler to attract victims to legitimate websites. Hence, they concentrate on exploiting their weaknesses rather than waiting for them to stumble on a malicious website.

    Utilize security options compatible with user permissions. Such settings would only let activities that the user first authorizes. 

    Any operation detected on your phone that has not been authorized will be instantly blocked. This will prevent your device from automatically acquiring and executing harmful programs.


    Reddit has never posed as a family-friendly website. And it’s fortunate because it’s not the case. Also included are provocative words or remarks, graphic material, pornography, and online harassment. The capacity to communicate with strangers completes the picture.

     Although there is nothing incorrect with the site itself, its broad appeal to people interested in a wide variety of topics and behaviors makes it possible for child predators to target children and adolescents using the platform. 

    If kids in your household are Reddit users, you are responsible for ensuring their safety and protection, not Reddit. No, the platform has little interest in assisting you in your endeavor. So you are sort of alone in this regard.

    Despite the drawbacks, Reddit is a beneficial site for many individuals, including your children. Everyone can remain secure as a Reddit member so long as they are prepared to follow certain fundamental privacy and security guidelines.

    It can, therefore, be conclusively said that Reddit is not a totally secure site for a user of interest to visit. Furthermore, the content posted on Reddit demands parental supervision in case it is being used by young teenagers or children. 

    Lastly, Reddit can be a major source of spreading viruses, malware, or phishing scams. Many users view Reddit posts and are likelier to click on the random links in the post or comments section.

    These links are highly dangerous and can prove the fatal source of infection through viruses since they cannot be scanned by Anti-Virus software. 

    Another scenario can be that your important data be hacked through a phishing scam by a fake website. Therefore, it is required to take precautionary measures to prevent the virus from infecting your system. 

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