Due to Instagram’s massive user base, hackers and scammers have rushed to the service to exploit this large user pool. The primary objective of hackers is to obtain crucial account information that will allow them to access your Instagram account. One of the primary ways they accomplish this is by sending texts to Instagram users in the hopes that they would click on an external link or reveal critical information through the chat.

No, you cannot get hacked just by opening and seeing an Instagram DM. In order to get access to a user’s profile, hackers and fraudsters rely on certain reactions to the direct messages they send. Your account and data will remain secure, so until you engage with the DM in any manner beyond viewing its contents.

It is advised that you open and analyze any strange direct messages so that you may report any harmful ones to Instagram. This is one of the methods through which you may effectively protect the Instagram program and deter hackers from trying to access other users’ profiles.

Should You React To Every DM While Using Instagram?

Although Instagram is a terrific method to establish international connections, it is crucial to exercise caution while engaging with strangers online. Due to the prevalence of phishing schemes and viruses, the Internet has grown more hazardous and should be utilized with caution.

You should not react to direct messages from strangers, or direct messages with references to external sites as well as other Instagram pages. Furthermore, you should avoid replying to direct messages requesting personal information, or other dubious messages.

If you use good discretion when using the Instagram program, it is often difficult for hackers to get access to a user’s profile. Rest assured that seeing a direct message on Instagram would never jeopardize or damage your account.

Can You Be Hacked If You Reply To An Instagram Direct Message?

Responding to a suspicious Instagram direct message might result in your account being compromised. Once you respond with strange and potentially malicious Instagram direct messages, the likelihood of your account being hacked increases rapidly.

These direct messages may be an effort to trick a user into divulging information that might allow a hacker to get access to your account more quickly. Depending on the type of your response to the DM and the aim of the initial DM, you might potentially put your profile at risk.

Avoid responding to direct messages that request your birth date, location, or alumni information, as well as emails or other account information. All of this data may be exploited by a hacker in one way or another to get access to your account.

Will You Get A Malware By Opening A Direct Message On Instagram?

However, depending on your contacts with a questionable DM, you might unwittingly download a virus to your smartphone or computer if you’re not careful. 

If the DM contains links to download or connections to other websites, these might contaminate your system with malware, spyware, or viruses if you click on them. If your gadget becomes infected with any of them, it will be exceedingly problematic.

These URLs are employed by hackers to get Instagram users to tap on them and unwittingly install harmful malware on their devices. Never click on links sent to you in Instagram direct messages from persons you do not recognize. 

This can prevent you from getting installing potentially harmful applications on your devices. You should report Instagram users who send you questionable Direct Messages (DMs) with Instagram links so that Instagram can examine the person.

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What Will Happen If Anyone Open A Direct Message From A Hacked Instagram User?

If you merely open a Direct Message on Instagram sent by a compromised account, you would likely not incur any unwanted effects. Nevertheless, when you choose to communicate with the DM in any way, you expose your account to the possibility of being compromised or compromised.

After acquiring access to a user’s Instagram account, hackers might be imitating someone you know. This might expose important account information that can be used to obtain access to your account.

After gaining access to a profile, the majority of hackers use bots to deliver their direct messages. If you are familiar with the individual whose DMs are being impersonated, you will be able to readily identify these messages as fake.

If you get a Direct Message (DM) from an Instagram buddy that appears strange, you should evaluate the possibility that their account has been hacked, and a bot is delivering DMs from their account. These bots are meant to gain entry to more accounts by tricking users into divulging important information through the use of familiarity.

If you recognize the Instagram buddy whose profile sent you these Direct Messages in everyday life or have added them as a friend on some other social media network, you may choose to contact them there. This might assist you to confirm whether they sent the suspicious DM. Nearly always, the individual has not sent a direct message verifying that their account was hacked.

What Occurs If You Respond To A Compromised Instagram Direct Message?

Responding to a direct message (DM) sent by a compromised Instagram user might compromise your own account. Once someone begins to connect with strange and potentially harmful DMs from a hacked Instagram account, you should immediately stop.

These direct messages may be an effort to trick a user into divulging information that might allow a hacker to get access to your account more quickly.

It is preferable not to respond to these Direct Messages, but if you do, it is imperative that you do not provide any sensitive information in your response. This can assist protect the safety and security of your account. Additionally, you might consider reporting the individual who sent you these Direct Messages to Instagram for inquiry.

If anyone you recognize on Instagram is receiving DMs that appear odd or out of character, you should be able to tell. There is a chance the person is unaware that their password has been hijacked. You should contact the individual who gave you these suspicious direct messages and seek to learn more about the problem.

What Happens If One Follows A Link On An Instagram Account That Has Been Hacked?

Links are the primary method through which hackers attempt to obtain access to an Instagram profile via direct messages. These hyperlinks typically lead to third-party programs or websites that solicit sensitive information from the user.

This information might then be used to get access to your Instagram account, or even worse, your bank account. The sites that these backlinks go to are frequently designed to tempt the visitor into providing this information. 

Typical ones of these sites are websites saying you have won a gift, websites saying to offer a service for free, and other promotions requiring your Instagram account details to compete. This information will be used to connect directly to your Instagram profile and any other ones that may be accessed with it if you supply it. This might result in the theft of your money or identity.

Viruses on your equipment will create operational faults that may render it unusable entirely. Malware and spyware might be used to get access to banking services, PayPal accounts, and other sensitive financial accounts.

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Under no circumstances should you ever click on a link in Direct Messages from someone you never recognize on Instagram. You should fairly assume that any weird link provided to you on Instagram by those you do not know is harmful and could make it easier to steal your Instagram account.

Is It Secure To Accept A Messenger Direct Message?

By opening a DM request on the Instagram Messaging app, you cannot be compromised on Instagram. The DM Request category is where Instagram direct messages from individuals you are not acquainted with are stored.

You would be able to read and accept the initial DM in this folder. This will enable the user to freely communicate with you, and their direct message will be transferred to your regular Instagram inbox.

It is fairly typical to find several suspicious Direct Messages in the DM Request folder. These direct messages are frequently sent by outsiders or contain links and requests for personal information. You should decline any direct message (DM) requests from these people and submit their accounts to Instagram for inquiry.

As soon as you do not accept and interact with weird, potentially harmful DMs located in the DM Request folder, merely viewing the DM will not put you at risk. After you reject a DM request, it is removed from the DM Requests folder. Consider preventing the user from reaching you prior to finishing the denial procedure. This will prevent them from communicating with you in the future.

How to Prevent Instagram Direct Message Hacking?

Now that you have a better understanding of the many ways in which Instagram DMs may expose you to account hacking, you can explore the behaviors and safeguards that will help you prevent having your account compromised.

Each one of the precautions outlined below can help you maintain a more secure account. Always use discretion when utilizing the Instagram Messaging program. While Instagram is famous for fostering new relationships and friendships, it isn’t always prudent to accept and answer every DM request.

1. Do Not Click on Links From Unknown Profiles

Never, even under circumstances, follow a link in a direct message from an Instagram user you need not know to protect your profile from hackers. These links are nearly always fraudulent and have been provided to you in an effort to collect sensitive information from you, whether deliberately or inadvertently.

This data would then be utilized to get entry to your Instagram account, or even worse, your bank accounts. This might cause you a great deal of difficulty if they have access to your most sensitive account information.

Due to this, it is advisable to avoid opening links on Instagram DMs. Be aware that the user’s account may have been compromised before providing you the hyperlink, which might put you in danger of being compromised.

Before accessing any link provided to you over Instagram, it is prudent that double-check with the sender. If you’re able to verify the link’s authenticity with the individual who supplied it to you, you can safely click on it.

2. Do Not Share Personal Information With Unknown Individuals

You should never disclose sensitive information to a stranger on Instagram. If you get a Direct Message (DM) from a stranger on Instagram and reply, therefore, you should closely watch the situation for suspicious behavior.

If they begin to ask for increasingly sensitive information, such as your birth date, age, address, or graduate status, this is a clear sign that they are aiming to get maliciously used information from you.

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You should terminate all interactions with these users immediately and notify Instagram to conduct an inquiry. As long as you refrain from providing them with personal information, they will likely be unable to log into your account.

However, hackers are incredibly devious and can employ conversational techniques to persuade victims to divulge this information unwittingly. Instagram Direct Messages from strangers should normally not be replied to.

3. Do Not Accept Direct Message Requests From Unknown Users.

You must avoid engaging in Instagram DM requests from strangers. This can reduce the likelihood of conversing with an individual who is attempting to gain entry to your Instagram profile.

The DM Request section on Instagram includes all direct messages sent by users who are not presently your friends. It is typical to examine this folder and discover several DMs from accounts you do not follow. Typically, these DMs have several questionable characteristics.

You can refuse DM Requests for certain sorts of Direct Messages to remove them from this folder. If they desire to contact you, they must manually resend the direct message, at which point it will be placed in the DM Requests box for you to refuse again.

To avoid this sort of interaction, you might consider banning the profile of the individual who sent you the direct message and reporting these accounts to Instagram for any further inquiry.

4. Do Not Respond To Strange Direct Messages From Unknown Users

One of the greatest strategies to maintain the security of your Instagram account is to ignore direct messages from strangers. You must use your best judgment to determine if the content of the direct messages is pertinent to you or suspicious.

Use the extensive information offered in this guide on suspicious message practices and content to make the proper decision. While some Instagram connections have been created by sending a direct message to a random person, it is typically advisable to avoid this behavior when using the platform.

5. Report Suspicious Direct Messages and Accounts to Instagram.

While using Instagram, you must report any suspicious behavior to Instagram Support. This will guarantee that the program is safe and reliable for all users by eliminating and deterring such conduct.

Instagram has a stringent policy about hackers, spamming, and other harmful activities. Accounts that are in breach of such policies will be permanently banned from Instagram and, in certain situations, subject to legal action.

Everyone should report these Direct Messages and their senders so that they may be deleted from the app. Once your report has been made, Instagram will initiate an investigation, and if the profile is proven to be harmful, it will be permanently deleted from the Instagram platform.


It can be conclusively said that most social media platforms are infested with hackers that want to harvest as much information as possible from user accounts. Hackers will try to gain access to your Instagram account as well as your other bank and social media accounts. This will cause significant problems if a hacker has compromised your accounts.

You should utilize the entirety of this guidance to prevent your account from being hacked or hijacked. This is crucial for your internet security when using the Instagram app. You should also report any suspicious behavior to Instagram so that they might examine the situation and maybe block the profiles that are sending harmful messages.