Does Google Drive Have Redundancy? Answered

    Google Drive is among the most famous services for cloud storage that allows users to upload documents, photos, movies, archives, as well as other file types. However, its storage capacity is limited. 

    Yes, Google Drive has redundancy. This can be due to duplicate files being uploaded to Google Drive. This can be cured by adopting different methods like removing duplicate files. 

    This article will explain how and why Google Drive has redundancy. Furthermore, the methods of evading such redundancy in Google Drive will also be discussed. 

    What Is Google Drive?

    Google Drive is a cloud-based online service that enables user to store their data online. This data may include anything from an audio, or video file to a pdf file. The basic data package offered by Google Drive is free of cost.

    Each registered user receives free 15 GB of storage space; if you want additional capacity, you must pay for an advance plan. If you frequently use Google Drive, you will be astounded by the number of duplicate files that you possess and the space that they use. 

    Duplicate files are identical duplicates of existing files in your Google Drive. However, duplicates will still be created if you change the file but create a copy of it without making any changes. 

    When you add content onto Google Drive, if a file that has the same title and format already exists in Google Drive, then you will receive the Similar file upload notice and the duplicate file will not be uploaded.

    In addition, if your team members are unaware that you have already published the same content, they may post duplicates.

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    Getting Rid Of Duplicate Files On Google Drive

    15 GB of free storage space may seem impressive, and you may eventually run out sooner or later. For those people who do not wish to increase their membership, freeing up some space on Google Drive is indeed the best alternative.

    As we all know, duplicate files may use a significant amount of the Google Drive storage space; thus, eliminating duplicate files in Google Drive is a fantastic approach to clear up space and prevent exceeding your account’s storage limit.

    In addition, eliminating duplicate data in Google Drive may help you eliminate duplicates of your work, allowing you to spend less time managing your file library and to better organizing your papers. 

    In addition, by removing duplicates, you conserve time and bandwidth when syncing files using the desktop program for Google Drive. In an effort to simplify Google Drive and maximize your storage capacity, Google is introducing a feature that will likely divide its customers. 

    Soon, shortcuts will substitute all of your folders and files that are stored in numerous locations. Previously, the same file or folder could be stored in many places. 

    For instance, if you had a “Weekly Spending” spreadsheet, you could keep it in both your “Personal Finance” and “Annual Budgeting” folders. 

    Now, as a result of these modifications, the original of this file will remain in one spot, but you may place a shortcut to it wherever in Google Drive.

    The purpose of this feature is to “simplify your file or folder hierarchies by replacing folders and files in numerous locations with shortcuts.” These shortcuts should make it easier to explore and locate your most critical files and folders.

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    This procedure will begin during the year, but Google will provide you with a few weeks’ notice before replacing your Drive. 

    Google will make a substitute choice “based on original file or folder owner and will assess access and activities on all other files to guarantee as little disturbance as feasible for cooperation.”

    Folder ownership and sharing options will not be changed by the modification. There is no opt-out option for the replacement procedure, which is usually automated.

    If you wish to locate a certain file or folder after the replacement procedure is complete, you may do it without any difficulty. 

    Simply open Google Drive and enter “is: replaced” in the search box at the bottom of the screen, followed by the Enter key. You may still relocate any leftover original files as you see appropriate, but this adjustment should hopefully simplify Google Drive for business.

    How Durable Is Cloud Storage Data?

    Cloud Storage is intended for a yearly uptime of 99.999999999% (11.9s), making it suitable for even main storage and mission-critical applications. 

    This high degree of durability is accomplished through erasure coding, which saves redundant copies of data across several devices in various availability zones.

    Before the writing is regarded as successful, objects transferred to Cloud Storage should be redundantly saved in two distinct availability zones. 

    Checksums are saved and routinely revalidated in order to proactively test the integrity of data of all information at rest and identify data corruption in transit. When necessary, changes are done automatically utilizing redundant data. 

    Customers might elect to activate object versioning for added security against deletion by accident.

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    Why Then Does Google Drive Duplicate Documents?

    Several duplicate files are uploaded to Google Drive. In addition, even the Google Drive app can replicate files owing to incorrect settings or synchronization difficulties.

    Does Google Drive Produce Multiple Copies Of Edited Files?

    When it comes to several copies of the same Microsoft Office file, such as a Word document or perhaps an Excel spreadsheet, Google Drive automatically combine them and retains just the most recently uploaded copy. 

    To access previous versions of a file, for instance, opt to open this with Google Docs. Select File > Version history > View version history from the menu bar.


    It can be conclusively said that the duplication detection function of Google Drive greatly prevents duplicate files from being uploaded. But that is not sufficient. There are many methods to be used and changes to be made either manually or through Google Automation.

    Nonetheless, there may still be duplicate files. You may arrange files more efficiently and clear up storage space by deleting duplicates. You may prevent duplicate data in Google Drive by simply routinely eliminating them. 

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