Here’s How You Can View Your Instagram Login Attempt History

    Instagram is a well-known social media network for sharing photographs and videos, which is accessible on widely used devices, including smartphones (iOS, Android, or Windows), personal computers, iPads, and web browsers.

    There are numerous ways through which you can view your Instagram login attempt history. Some of them are given as under:-

    • By clicking the Instagram app on your phone
    • Accessing the Instagram website through a PC or laptop

    This article will explain and discuss how can someone view the Instagram login attempt history by using different methods. The reasons behind checking login attempt history as well as the consequences of it will be discussed. 

    Will Instagram Save Login Information And Data?

    Instagram stores all of a user’s information on their application. This also contains the posts you’ve shared, liked, and commented on, as well as the many ways you interact with the program. 

    This is done to better analyze user behavior and improve the application’s service. Consequently, you may be ignorant of many Instagram sessions in different places.

    You may have signed in to your Instagram account on a number of devices and platforms, such as a friend’s laptop or any of the lost phones because Instagram is available on many different platforms. 

    If you have Instagram installed on your mobile device and are logged in, you may now check and remove your Instagram login history. 

    Instagram contains a significant amount of user personal information, that you should safeguard by enabling anonymous login or clearing login and logout information.

    Another aspect provides login information and credentials. Additionally, Instagram has the basic “store login credentials” feature. 

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    The login history, time, geolocation, and login activity are also saved by Instagram. Additionally, all of the aforementioned elements safeguard the safety and security of Instagram users.

    What Is Login Activity?

    Login history for Instagram is, as even the title suggests, a record of your account’s logins. The login history reveals the time and date of each Instagram login. Moreover, users may view their login history just on the device they use to log in.

    Comparison Of Login History With Login Activity

    Sometimes, users may mistake login history for login activity. Additionally, users may access the two functionalities via distinct Instagram sites. As stated previously, login history includes the time and date of each login. 

    Login activity simultaneously displays the date, time, or device location. When checking login activity, users may see which devices are currently logging in and when each login occurred.

    Both features are beneficial for Instagram security measures. Additionally, you may access each function via the profile settings. 

    How To View The Instagram Login Attempt History?

    Here, we examine the Instagram login history check. There are two major methods of doing so. These include:

    1. Using Mobile Apps

    This works on iPhones, iPads, or Windows Phones as well as the Android device I’m using. The differences between these many devices may be trivial, and we may readily recognize them and advance on each. Follow these steps:

    • Launch Instagram App
    • Tap on Profile Picture in the lower-right corner.
    • Click on the three horizontal bars in the upper right corner.
    • Select the Options icon
    • Select Security, then click Login Activity
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    Here you will see your login history, which contains the following details:

    • Location of each device’s Login
    • The moment at which Instagram is accessed
    • A device that allows Instagram login
    • Select any column of the list of logins where you detected anonymous access
    • Then, in the pop-up window, click Logout.

    The most recent login attempts or history are displayed first. This section displays that the “Active Now” label is assigned to this device.

    The map knowledge may not be as exact as Google Maps as it is dependent on OpenStreetMap, whose data may not be as reliable as Google Maps.

    Users that utilize this device will be required to log out now and re-enter their credentials the next moment they try to log in.

    2. Using A PC Or Apple Computer

    PCs and Macs support both desktop applications and web browsers. Since the method is the same on both platforms, the web browser looks to be superior. Methods for accessing Instagram login history on a PC or Mac are given as under:

    • Open any internet browser
    • Sign in to Instagram
    • Click the symbol for your profile in the upper-right corner.
    • Click Configuration
    • Click Login and Activity in the left pane to get a summary of login history on the right.

    If you wish to remove such Instagram login attempt data from a PC or Mac, then:

    • Press on any line of the anonymous login record which you discovered.
    • Then, in the pop-up window, click Sign Out.

    Users that utilize this device will be required to log out now and re-enter their credentials the very next time they try to log in.

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    What Is The Location Of The Login Or Logout Activity Login?

    Individual Instagram login and logout histories are readily available. It indicates whenever the Instagram account gets logged in and when it is logged out. The following steps can be used to determine the location of login or logout data:-

    • Sign in to Instagram
    • Click the Profile icon in the lower right-hand corner.
    • Select the three horizontal bars are located in the upper right corner.
    • Click Configuration
    • Select Security
    • Select Access data

    Here, you will find a variety of account information, like When had Account Privacy Changed, When was Password Changed, Former Email and Phone Numbers, etc.

    To view all of your account’s login activity, click Views everything under Logins and then click Login Account Activity. Click View more of it to view the whole log-in history.

    In addition, it will give information on Connections, Stories, Ads, and Account Activities. And Account Activity Information is our focus.


    It can be conclusively said that there are different methods of viewing the Instagram login attempt history. This is essential to do so for determining if there is any unwanted access or attempt to log in and also provides the location of attempted access.

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