The Apple Watch is considered a stunning combination of innovation and technology. However, like any flashy, costly item, that carries sensitive information such as credit card numbers and account data, the Apple Watch is susceptible to being targeted by criminals. However, a few hurdles successfully prevent thieves or hackers from accessing your important data. 

Although, Apple Watches are not easily hacked. There are some ways through which you can determine if your Apple Watch is hacked. Some of these are given as:-

  • Checking the Apple Watch activity 
  • Checking the iPhone for any malicious activity
  • Checking if the password has been compromised

This article will explain and elaborate on how can someone know if the Apple Watch has been hacked. Furthermore, the ways and methods of preventing Apple Watch from being hacked will also be discussed.

Apple Watch And Its Uses

Sincere, upstanding individuals such as yourself likely view the Apple Watch as a stunning combination of jewelry and technology. 

Is The Apple Watch Secure?

It turns out that the Apple Watch seems to be almost hacker-proof. The Apple Watch’s greatest security advantage is that it is so simple.

The majority of the computing that occurs on the Apple Watch occurs on the iPhone, indicating that your iPhone stores and processes most of the confidential material that a cyber criminal would desire. 

Instead of functioning as an independent gadget, the Apple Watch simply serves as a supplementary display for your iPhone.

Theoretically, a data hacker should have a lot greater immediate interest in the iPhone than in your Apple Watch.

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There are exceptions, such as Apple Pay credentials kept locally on the watch that allow mobile payments without an iPhone.

Running of arbitrary code indicates that a hacker might execute any instructions or code on a targeted system after getting control of it via software vulnerability. In plain terms, a hacker could take control of the susceptible gadget and use it for their own purposes.

Apple has admitted that these vulnerabilities have been abused by hackers, which exacerbates the severity of the situation.

How To Know If Apple Watch Is Hacked?

A data hacker would need to estimate your passcode in order to open your Watch after removing it from your wrist in order to use Apple Pay. Because the Watch’s sensors sense skin contact.

It will remain accessible as long as it remains on your wrist, and will lock itself and require a password to unlock it if you remove it. However, you can adopt the following measures to know if your Apple Watch has been hacked or not:

1. Checking Your Apple Watch

The Apple Watch cannot do anything other than display the time until the password is entered. After entering your passcode, it stays authorized, so you do not need to input it every time you wish to perform an action. 

It’s a simpler method for using Apple Pay since you don’t need to authenticate the payment using your fingerprint. While the Watch’s password is safe and exceedingly difficult to crack, the Watch’s greatest security flaw is the user’s choice of the passcode. 

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Although it is not precisely uncommon for people to utilize PIN numbers such as 1234, an astounding number of people continue to use these popular variations.

Hackers have up to ten attempts to enter the correct passcode. It may not seem like much, but that’s 10 opportunities for a burglar to attempt the 10 most popular passcodes, which can be found with a simple internet search.

If a person guesses incorrectly 10 times, however, the Watch erases all stored data and transforms into an expensive paperweight that is useless to a data thief.

Even if a hacker guesses your passcode or obtains it by force and sleight of palm, you may remotely remove your Apple Pay data from your Apple Watch by connecting to your online account on your iPhone or computer.

2. Analyzing Possibilities Of Hacking And Preventing It

Using brute force is another, slightly less subtle, technique to access your sensitive data. A hacker might utilize a hacking device and a brute-force attempt to decrypt the encrypted password.

However, such a procedure is very consuming, and exceedingly complex, resulting in the Watch being “compromised”, and only a few individuals are capable of performing it.

In addition to weak passcodes and ripping an Apple Watch, there is another option for hackers to secretly abuse your data.

It is conceivable for eavesdroppers to overhear Bluetooth or Wi-Fi conversations between an Apple Watch and an iPhone and possibly access and change any data transmitted between the devices.

3. Checking Your iPhone

Serious difficulties with the communications mechanism utilized by the Watch and iPhone are not known at this moment. 

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However, given the intricate nature of the protocols or software, it is conceivable that problems may be uncovered in the future and fixed via operating system upgrades.

How To Prevent Apple Watch From Getting Hacked?

Following measures can be adopted in order to prevent your Apple Watch from getting hacked:-

  • Never pair your gadgets for the first time in public. In general, the setup/pairing step is the most security-sensitive period for new smart devices.
  • If possible, avoid connecting to the public or some other untrusted Wi-Fi networks. Although public Wi-Fi connections are handy, their safety is a disaster.
  • Apply operating systems’ recent updates as rapidly as possible as they become available. These updates often include essential security patches that prevent newly found threats on the device.


A hacker might compromise your device and obtain access to all of your confidential information through Apple Watch. This means that strict protection is highly reccomended.

This information might be used to take all your money, send virus-infected emails to your contacts, or publish dangerous content through your social media accounts.

Therefore, it is crucial to protect your Apple Watch as well as your iPhone against attacks from hackers.