How To Logout People From Hacked WhatsApp?

    WhatsApp is among the most social messaging apps available. It became so popular since it was the foremost smartphone app to provide such texting. Therefore, majority of the people using smartphones rely on WhatsApp as a major social media platform

    There are many ways to log out people from a hacked WhatsApp account. Some of them include:

    • Logging out from external devices including laptops and computers
    • Logging out from the mobile device or smartphone
    • Uninstalling the WhatsApp application from mobile device
    • Contacting WhatsApp support to log you out of all devices

    This article will explain how can someone log out people from a hacked WhatsApp. Furthermore, the ways and methods of prevention will also be discussed concerning logging out from WhatsApp.

    Identify A Compromised WhatsApp Account

    Seeing connections that are not yours is one of the primary signs that the WhatsApp account has been hijacked.  WhatsApp is so easy that it automatically adds your contacts to a new device when you log in. 

    Obviously, another indicator is emails that you did not send. If you access WhatsApp and see odd messages, it is likely that someone is exploiting your account.

    Strange communications from the firm are another indicator of a hijacked WhatsApp account. You may have gotten an email regarding a change to your account, for instance. If you have received something similar, you should take urgent action.

    Lastly, the organization may have been hacked. Typically, this is a widespread assault that compromises user data. 

    Unfortunately, there is no effective method for detecting this sort of behavior. WhatsApp will give you notifications regardless of whether your account has been hijacked.

    First, determine if the battery life has considerably diminished. If so, it may be an indication. Check to check whether your phone’s internet data consumption has grown for no apparent reason. If so, you may have been hacked, if were using another app.

    As you presumably already know, additional pressure causes your phone’s temperature to rise. However, if you are not currently using any huge, resource-intensive apps and your phone is still overheating, you should examine malware as a possible cause.

    In addition to telling friends and family about the breach and remaining signed into WhatsApp while obtaining activation tokens, it is advisable to deactivate WhatsApp Web.

    You should utilize the option labeled “Log out of all machines.” The function also includes a list of devices on which you last accessed your account, allowing you to identify any that you do not recognize. 

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    The main issue with this approach is that it is dependent on the server to which you are connected, and VPN’s give incorrect location information. 

    Regardless, location information may be an unmistakable indicator of an unauthorized user in the account, especially when you verify your login location based on the information your device delivers.

    What To Do When WhatsApp Is Hacked?

    Now that you know how to determine whether your account has been compromised, you must understand how to respond. Remember that you will need to act swiftly to safeguard your sensitive data and recover control of your accounts.

    The users also need not be concerned about their usernames. WhatsApp has no need for it. It links to your mobile phone number, so other users will see you under the name they gave you in their address book.

    Unfortunately, your WhatsApp account might be compromised by hackers. When this occurs, you may ask how to regain access to your account and safeguard it to prevent losses. 

    You can adopt the following measures after you realize that your WhatsApp account has been hacked:-

    1. Notify Your Contacts

    One of the most recent scams involves hackers posing as your contact and requesting a verification number. Given the nature of WhatsApp’s security safeguards, a phone number plus a verification code are all that is required to log in.

    When someone hacks the WhatsApp account, they might send information to your contacts claiming that the firm issued a verification code before gaining access to your account. 

    Sending a message to your family and friends informing them that you’ve lost access to the account is therefore of the first steps you should do. This step protects your account or others from being exploited in the future.

    You should also tell your contacts that you do not have access to the WhatsApp account since they may attempt to get your personal information. 

    Hackers will seek to acquire access to as much of your private information as possible, from your bank account number to your email address.

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    If you’re receiving verification codes, do not log out and log in back in. Although it may sound unusual, one of the tactics hackers use to obtain access to your account is to lock you out using verification codes. 

    This activity is valid since WhatsApp limits the number of verification codes that may be delivered at once. If the hacker utilizes all of your tries, you must wait 12 hours before receiving another one. 

    However, the hacker is better prepared than you, so they will obtain the codes and access your account. They are essentially preventing your access.

    It is advised to disregard repeated WhatsApp communications with verification codes. Continue to utilize the WhatsApp account as normal.

    2. Exit WhatsApp Web

    If you believe someone is using your WhatsApp Web account, and you still retain access to the phone, you may disable the auto-login feature on all devices that have your password saved. 

    This will be sufficient to restore your account. To achieve this, please follow the procedures below:-

    • Launch WhatsApp on your mobile device.
    • Tap the menu symbol consisting of three vertical dots as the three-point menu.
    • Tap WhatsApp Web.
    • Tap the device you wish to log out of.
    • Touch the red Sign Out button.

    Those who previously had access to your WhatsApp through the web will no longer be able to see or send messages.

    3. Request That Your WhatsApp Account Be Canceled

    If you believe your WhatsApp was compromised and deleting WhatsApp Web does not resolve the issue, you may need to terminate your account. 

    Before you do so, inform your most critical contacts and acquaintances that your account has been compromised and that they should not respond to your calls or texts.

    Next, open your email application and send a message to with the following content in the body: “Lost/Stolen: Please deactivate my account.”

    Don’t forget to mention your mobile number with your region and region code so that they can determine which account to delete.

    You will also have 30 days to revive it if you find a means to do so after deactivating it. After this period, all of your account’s data will be permanently wiped.

    4. Restore Your Phone To Its Original Settings

    Rather than a hacker or a curious buddy, a malicious program may have obtained access to your WhatsApp. In certain instances, the first technique will not work, however, it is not essential to cancel your account permanently.

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    It is probably one of the malicious programs you frequently employ exploiting your account there in the background. 

    In certain instances, it will be essential to return the system to factory settings by performing a system restore. If you don’t know how to perform a factory reset, search Google for [Your Device] reset factory.

    Can An Intruder Read My WhatsApp Messages?

    According to WhatsApp, all communications are saved locally on your smartphone, not in the cloud. Therefore, a hacker cannot access your WhatsApp messages through the cloud. (or so WhatsApp says…)

    Even if communications are saved on your device, end-to-end encryption protects them. If someone gains unauthorized access to the account, they will not be able to view your past discussions.

    Prevent Your WhatsApp From Getting Hacked

    You may take some steps to prevent having to recover the account or reset your device to its original state again. Never keep your phone alone in public areas is the first rule.

    Not only would it protect your phone from being stolen, but it will also protect a buddy who finds themselves amusing from reading your texts.

    Two-step verification is the most effective approach to prevent attackers from getting your account. With this option activated, anybody attempting to view your profile must successfully guess a 6-digit password.


    Many individuals throughout the world are unaware of how to log out of WhatsApp. On the website, desktop, and Facebook Portal, WhatsApp enables you to log out from your account, but not on mobile apps. 

    When you quit WhatsApp on your smartphone, the application enters sleep mode, which allows you to continue receiving messages and calls.

    Therefore, it can be reasonably said that hacking WhatsApp has become a common instance these days. However, strict care and prevention are required in this regard. This can be done by checking if any unknown device has access to your WhatsApp via the web or any source.

    Logging out of WhatsApp is easy. It can be done in a number of ways. Some of these have been expounded in detail as given above. 

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