Ways To Know If Someone Hacked Your Instagram Account

    Most Instagram individuals are unaware of the need of securing their details until they become victims of cybercrime, at which point it is too late. No matter how many followers you have or if your particular profile is public as well as private, any open account can be attacked by hackers.

    Yes, there are a number of ways to know if someone has hacked your Instagram account or not. Some of these are given as follows:-

    • Strange posts on the Instagram Account of the victim. 
    • Someone informs you. 
    • Alerts for password authentication. 
    • Phishing Scams.

    This article will elaborate on and explain how to know if someone hacked your Instagram account. Furthermore, the ways and methods of preventing your Instagram Account from getting hacked will also be covered. 

    Why Do Hackers Target Instagram?

    Instagram is reportedly the most susceptible social media application to phishing as well as other internet frauds. Like other applications of its sort, it connects with other apps and stores photographs and profiles information in the cloud. 

    If you possess one or maybe more Instagram accounts, you should likely be cautious, since hacking occurrences on the network have recently increased.

    While this facilitates user access, the company’s security procedures are no substitute for sophisticated hackers seeking entry points. Once the cyber criminals have gained access, they may be able to steal your financial information and other sensitive data.

    Bogus brand accounts, typically promoting counterfeit items, may be to blame for the current prevalence of Instagram scams. Instagram scams are common at the moment due to the platform’s increasing popularity and impact. 

    The strength of Instagram is proportional to the number of followers; the more followers such businesses can amass, the greater their ability to promote other illegal activities. Hackers routinely attack social network accounts to steal sensitive information.

    Regardless of the number of followers you have, your Instagram account will contain your contact information, email address, and other sensitive information. If a fraudster gains access to this, they may access the entire database and utilize the information elsewhere.

    In certain instances, the hackers will approach the account owner and threaten to deactivate the profile if a payment (often Bitcoin) is not paid.

    What Are The Signs That Your Instagram Account Is Hacked?

    It might be difficult to identify with certainty if your Instagram account has been hacked, but there are indicators to look out for. You must maintain track of your actions. Here are several indications that your Instagram account has been hacked:-

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    1. Someone Informs You

    If you are fortunate enough to have Instagram followers, they may detect unusual changes in your Instagram activity and alert you. Instagram may also notify you through email if suspicious behavior is detected on your account.

    2. Strange Posts

    You observe photographs from users you do not follow, which should not appear when you browse. There is a possibility that you’ve been hacked.

    3. Alerts For Password Authentication

    You continue to get a warning for an invalid password or you are prompted to confirm a new password. Unexpected approaches might also be used to hijack your Instagram account. 

    These may be indications that your Instagram account has been hacked, but you understand your account well than anybody else and should be wary of any unusual account behavior.

    4. Fake Battery Chargers

    Numerous public locations, such as libraries, colleges, and airports, provide charging stations for portable devices, but also are you certain they are legitimate? Consider utilizing a reliable battery pack or charging station.

    What better opportunity could there be for hackers and scammers to gain access to the information and data saved on your phone than by using bogus charging stations? Then, they may download all of your information using their own techniques.

    5. Malicious Applications Aiming At Instagram

    Hackers have devised methods to build applications on your smartphone that provide them access to your data. 

    They have even created applications that imitate WhatsApp. Users were unaware that this application was not genuine and that it gave hackers access to their personal data.

    6. Phishing Efforts

    No matter how often we are cautioned against accessing links and files, we are occasionally caught off guard. These warnings are in place because of phishing.

    Scammers send what may appear to be authentic emails or text messages, but when you open them, they include malware. 

    You may believe that your bank has contacted you and needs information from you. You proceed to input your data, at which point the hacker has access.

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    This can be directed at Instagram with such a phony login page designed to steal your password as well as account information.

    The surest indication that your account has been compromised is if you are not able to log in. In this circumstance, you should immediately perform the following actions:

    • Determine whether you have received an email from
    • Locate the e-mail and click the “revert the change” option in the message. 
    • After clicking it, you could be able to reverse the modification (via Instagram).
    • Additionally, you can request an authorization link, a security code, or assistance from Instagram to remedy your issue. 
    • Instagram may require you to confirm your details with a photo to ensure that you are who you claim to be.

    Alterations to your e-mail or phone number are another indication that your account has been compromised. This is typically the first thing to be modified so that you no longer get alerts. 

    Additionally, you may want to check the preferences menu to see if any unknown devices have logged into your Instagram account. 

    If you see unusual behavior on your account, such as sending unknown emails to other people or subscribing to accounts created, or if your account is restricted due to abuse complaints, it is likely that a hacker is in charge.

    Sometimes, signals might come from your contacts who have detected anything amiss and will inform you that they believe you’ve been hacked.

    How To Protect Your Instagram Account From Getting Hacked?

    A compromised Instagram account is a severe matter; there is no assurance that the account can be recovered. Even if you do get access, the account recovery procedure is tedious and time-consuming.

    If you utilize a third-party application like Instagram analytics or even to plan Instagram posts, these connections will be displayed here. 

    When considering the decision to maintain a link, ask yourself whether this tool is trustworthy on its own and whether this link contributes to the security of your Instagram account. 

    For instance, a Buffer connection enables you to provide additional users access to analytics or scheduling without ever needing to reveal your Instagram login. In addition, Buffer enables two-factor authentication, ensuring the security of your account.

    Be wary of websites and apps that do not require frequent account login. It’s simple to use Instagram to sign into another app perhaps make a transaction, then forget that you are authorized to access. 

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    Regularly check to prevent the accumulation of suspicious third-party applications, and when in doubt, remove access. Consider that certain third-party tools are intrinsically dangerous. 

    For instance, applications with mass automation, such as following/unfollowing accounts, pose both securities as well as terms of service risk. Instagram will detect accounts that employ mass automation and may terminate them.

    If you utilize Instagram to market your business, sell items, and communicate with your fans, you may be without access to a vital social media channel for several days. 

    It is vital to safeguard your account proactively and understand how to react fast if hackers breach your protections. The following methods can be adopted in this regard:-

    1. Begin With A Secure Password

    Your childhood pet’s moniker followed by an! Even if your area code meets Instagram’s password criteria, it is by no means a secure password. If your password is simple to remember, it is likely vulnerable to hacking.

    Consider utilizing a complicated password that is encrypted and secured by many stages of verification. All of this is a technical way of saying that your credentials are protected by (virtual) doors which would make a hacker from a heist movie sweat. 

    Password managers provide strong passwords without requiring you to memorize a string of random characters for every application and website you use.

    2. Implement Multi-Factor Authentication

    Two-factor authentication adds an additional layer of protection against hackers and the Instagram account. If someone obtains your login and tries to log in from an unfamiliar device or geographical location, they will be required to provide an authentication code.

    3. Track Third-Party Applications

    Not every third-party access is negative, but it’s crucial to monitor which applications are linked to an Instagram account. Go to the Instagram Options, then Security, the Applications, and Websites to determine whether third-party apps have gained access to your account.


    It can be conclusively said that there are a number of ways to determine if someone hacked your Instagram Account. You can detect that by using the suggestions mentioned above. However, it is advisable to adopt preventive methods for securing your Instagram. 

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